He was here, Robert Belfour & I didn’t go


I first herd of this amazing blues legend during my studies in Korea, of All places the pop Kingdom.
Pop and Rap are two streams of music that I do not really connect to and in Korea it’s all around you, in the streets, supermarket, elevators well anywhere & everywhere.
Once I settled into my apartment I sat down to search for alternative radio channels, listen to the radio from home wasn’t good due to the fact that I came to Korea to break away from the day by day in Israel.
So from all the Internet radio channels I found one channel from a U.S. university that broadcast blues all day and night and I was hooked.
On September 11, the station broadcast special two-hour program for the birthday of Robert Belfour and WoW, I fell in love.
The sad thing is that last Thursday the man and the legend came here, to Israel, for one show only. Yes it happened and I didn’t go, unfortunately I found out about the his arrival after all the ticket have disappeared in astonishing speed (which is a happy thing, respect).
So I did what any blues soul will do in a moment of pain and sorrow, sing the blues, just in me case I drew the blues.


Tools & process:

Robert_Belfour_process Robert_Belfour_process2 tools